"The corals are as advertised and better packaged than any I've ever received before." ... Kevin Tuininga

  "Few have had the staying power of Jason Fox and his incredible selection of diverse and exotic corals." ... Jake Adams

  "I am completely confident that if I get a coral from Jason it is cleaner than any coral in the ocean." ... Michael Paletta

  "This was my first order from you, and I wanted to let you know, everything you sent exceeded my expectations as well as the description on your site.  I've been buying my coral locally for a long time, and had always heard about your corals.  What I received from you are some of the nicest in my tank." ... Kevin

  "I just wanted to take a moment of my time to thank you!  I am so thankful I came across you when researching corals and where to purchase healthy stunning corals.  It was a video on a tour at your home/facility and right away I could tell this is someone who cares about quality and preservation of species.  My first purchase went so well I happily came back and look forward to many more purchases.  Amazing website with up to date photos and the fact you take the time to respond to emails and requests for additional photos which I know takes up your time.   It is truly appreciated.  Thanks again for all the amazing frags and for working with me.  I can’t wait to watch these amazing corals grown and see what you come out with next!" ... Jarod

  "I had 8 frags arrive today and they are better than the pictures!! I've had some vendors really edit their pics, but I appreciate you doing such a great job representing your coral. I will for sure order from you again! Great Live Sale!" ... DJ

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