An amazing cave and jungle on one of my indonesia trips.

Philippines RVS fish world visit


My visit to a huge cyanide free fish collection facility in the philippines


700 g display


a video tour through my 11 foot long sps dominated reef tank

400g cube

a look at my 400 gallon mixed coral display.

ReefCurrents 2017 Conference Speech


A mix of info ranging from my display tanks, water parameters, coral husbandry and diving indonesia.

Jason Fox is known for selling insanely vibrant, rare corals, and popularizing new coral species into the hobby.  These corals include cyphastreas that branch, rainbow-colored montiporas with unusual textures, the now ubiquitous Jack-O-Lantern leptoseris, and of course many multi-colored acroporas.   Fortunately for reefers, these discoveries grow well in captivity.


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